Venatic Outdoors Lookout Tower Double Combo

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Get elevated with the LOOKOUT 6' x6' Tower and Blind Combo. See over the top of the brush or cornfields, conceal your movement more and have a better hunt. 6' steel tower has a 6 ft x 6 ft base with weight capacity fo 500 lbs, Take your hunt to new levels with the LOOKOUT.

• Multi-function blind allows you to hunt from ground level or an elevated position
• Heavy-duty JX Camo black PU-coated fabric eliminates scent, shine & excessive noise
• 1-way See-thru mesh lets you see everything outside, while deer and other game can't see anything inside
•Plenty of windows for lining up your shot
•D-shape zipper door for easy access
Tripod Features:
•Large steel tubing & cross-bracing for added strength & stability
•Full steel interior for safety
•6' Tripod-style base for extra stability
•Adjustable ladder for easy in/out

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